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Development and Evaluation of the Institutionally-Farmed Research On-line Repository and Management System (InFORMs) towards Knowledge-Sharing and Utilization


Billy S. Javier, Leo P. Paliuanan, Corazon T. Talamayan, James Karl A. Agpalza, and Jesty S. Agoto


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 722-728


Knowledge derived from scientific discoveries and experiments are essential drivers to information management. This study was geared at promoting institutionally-farmed researches as a critical driver to utilization and re-production of new knowledge thru the use of the developed web application, Institutionally-Farmed Research Online Repository and Management System using the SCRUM development methodology. Assessing the application’s compliance to ISO 25010 software quality characteristics, the study described the responses of consented participants after experiencing the use of the application in a certain duration. Key features that aids in the ease of use, access to, and management of the research resource emerged. From the responses, the developed application evidently suggests its usability and compliance to standards from the participants. The application was limited to showcasing all research resources produced in the University, in the last 10 years, after having gone through approval of the research review committee prior inclusion in the database. Maximizing the web application for knowledge-sharing and utilization is commended, advancing instruction and knowledge economy.


ISO 25010, knowledge-sharing, research, SCRUM, usability.