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Detection of Brain Tumor from Brain MRI Images with the Help of Machine Learning & Deep Learning


Khalid Hamid†, Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Zubair Fuzail, Hafiz Abdul Basit Muhammad, Zaeem Nazir, and Zahid Tabassum Ghafoor


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 709-721


A cerebrum or brain tumor is an unusual development of tissues inside the brain. Recognition of cerebrum tumors is a testing issue because of the complex design of the brain. MRI can give detailed data about human delicate tissue life systems, which is useful in finding brain tumors. The Discovery of cerebrum tumors includes various stages; for example, picture preprocessing, segmentation, highlight extraction, and classification. This paper sums up the investigation of different procedures for cerebrum tumors from MRI pictures. This examination presents an exhaustive survey of customary machine learning techniques and advancing deep learning techniques for brain tumor analysis. This survey paper distinguishes the key accomplishments reflected in the presentation estimation measurements of the applied calculations in the three analysis measures. Furthermore, this examination talks about the key discoveries and causes to notice the exercises learned as a guide for future exploration.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Support Vector Machine, Na?ve Bayesian, Multi-Layered Perceptron, Convolutional Neural Networks, Control Experiment.