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The Impact of Military Actions on the Labor Market of Ukraine and the EU: Economic, Social and Security Aspects


Nataliya Andriyiv, Mykhailo Honchar, Yulia Mironova, Nina Petrukha, Anna Hrytsyshyn


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 693-701


Full-scale military actions taking place today in the center of Europe affect all spheres of life of the population of both Ukraine and the EU countries. A significant number of refugees, internally displaced persons, the implementation of the program of mobilization and the creation of volunteer units to strengthen the country's defense capability provoked significant changes in the labor market of Ukraine and the EU countries. The termination of the activities of a large number of Ukrainian business structures has deprived almost 75% of the able-bodied population of their jobs. Current analytical data points to a further transformation of the Ukrainian labor market, with no clear signs of stabilization through the movement of a significant number of people in search of an opportunity to meet the primary needs of home, food and security. The EU countries faced an influx of a significant number of refugees, among which a significant part are women with children and people over 60 years old, which was accompanied by the departure of men involved in hard physical work to participate in the defense of the homeland. Today, there are no reliable data on changes in the situation on the labor market in Ukraine and the EU, despite this, by summarizing information from various sources, an attempt was made to specify the content of the transformation processes and predict the course of events in the short and long term.


military actions, labor market, refugees, internally displaced persons, food security, social protection.