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The Usage of Robotics as an Element of STEM Education in the Educational Process


Alina Rakhmanina, Iryna Pinchuk, Olha Vyshnyk, Olena Tryfonova, Tetyana Koycheva, Viktor Sydorko, Olena Ilienko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 645-651


The article highlights the importance of taking into account the need for cross-cutting knowledge and skills that can be applied in practice at the present stage of development of educational space. It is determined that the spread of knowledge that is useful in practice, creates the need for STEM-technologies (learning in practice) in the education system. The concept of STEM education is outlined ? a combination of natural sciences, technology and engineering with mathematical, accurate calculations. That is why the analysis of the development of modern society, and especially the latest information technologies, shows the popularization of science and technology, in particular ? robotics. In addition, it is determined that one of the most promising areas of STEM education today is educational robotics, the introduction of which is appropriate at all educational levels, starting from primary school. The use of robotics elements in primary school, which allow to diversify the educational process through the introduction of games and practical activities, is characterized.The concept of ""robotics"" is also characterized as interdisciplinary, which allows the use of interdisciplinary links in the educational process of primary school.


STEM education, robotics, latest information technologies, educational process, primary school.