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On the Role of Modern Information Technologies in Economic Litigation: Experience of EU Countries


Kateryna Muzychuk, Ivanna Prots, Valentyn Serdiuk, Svitlana Hlushchenko, Yaroslav Skoromnyi


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 640-644


The judiciary is most inclined to modernize its activities through the Internet and related information technologies, which is due to its main function - to guarantee the protection of individual rights and freedoms in democracies. The judiciary is adapting to the new political, social, and economic conditions of society to best fulfill its function. The authors of the article conducted a comparative analysis of procedural rules and models of justice that currently exist in EU countries in the light of their introduction of e-justice, as well as their use of modern information technology in the administration of justice. The authors emphasize the fact that the positive experience of the introduction of information technology in commercial litigation by EU countries can be used in reforming the judicial system in Ukraine. The authors highlight the elements of electronic and mobile justice in the EU, which can be used in the reform of commercial justice in Ukraine. The authors argue that the active introduction of information systems in the judiciary of Ukraine will change the form of court proceedings provide access to justice for a wider range of citizens, and facilitate the conduct of cases, which will result in more efficient disputes. The authors substantiate the position that it is important for the judicial system of Ukraine to introduce integrated electronic systems using modern information technologies that unite not only the courts but also the prosecutor's office, investigative bodies, and the penitentiary system.


information technology, judicial system, commercial litigation, e-justice, justice.