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Actualization Of Learning Motives As A Way Of Forming Applicants For Higher Education In Pedagogical Specialties


Andrii Hedzyk, Yuliia Kozeruk, Vasyl Kaliy, Alla Kolodyazhna, Li LI, Inna Kharchenko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 635-639


Theoretically substantiated structural and functional model of the formation of students' motivation for professional and pedagogical activities in the process of mastering a working profession, based on a systemic, competence-based, activity-based, personality-oriented and contextual approach and including the target, methodological, content, organizational and activity, evaluation and performance blocks.It has been established that the developed model effectively functions when fulfilling a set of pedagogical conditions that ensure the formation of students' motivation for professional and pedagogical activities: organization of training in the conditions of an industrial vocational education environment; students' awareness of the purpose of professional training and professional development; inclusion in the process of preparing a set of training and production tasks, selected taking into account the contextual approach; psychological and pedagogical support of the professional training process.


Motives, Higher education, Teaching technology, Information Technology.