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Hospital Site Selection in Jeddah City using AHP and Mathematical Variations Analysis


Ranya Fadlalla Elsheikh


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 628-634


Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 focus on the quality of health care in recent years has led to the development of policies and strategies to improve healthcare and medical services through the establishment of new hospitals., the hospital’s location is considered a crucial factor to potential patients for hospitals to be competitive. Many methods are used in site suitability selection. GIS-based Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) models gained high popularity in hospital site suitability selection as the most contributing approaches to the solutions, in the execution of the models based on these methods and techniques, little attention has been paid to the evaluation of the final to the priority of weights. In Multi-criteria Analysis GIS-based analytic hierarchy process was used to produce a hospital site suitability map considering resident population, exciting hospitals, polluted areas, and main roads. The weight of each criterion was calculated based on a pairwise comparison matrix. Mathematical variations analysis and sensitivity analysis are used to examine the priority of weight. This method measures and displays spatial change dynamics and the stability of results with respect to the variation of different parameter weights. The suitability map will be useful for the health care organizations by choosing the best site for their facilities to reduce the pressures in the hospitals.


Hospital, Weight, Suitability, AHP, Sensitivity Analysis, Variation of Function