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Virtual Reality in Gymnasium: Stationary bike using Hall-Effect Sensor and Bluetooth BLE


Muhammed Ali Akhtar, Amna Shabbir, Najmi G.Haider ,Maria Andleeb, Syed Abbas Ali, Safdar Rizvi


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 595-601


Increase in power of Hardware, reduction of cost and extensive media coverage has finally brought Virtual Reality to the masses .The scope of Virtual Reality Technology is in military where it is used for training and re-enact particular scenario to avoid injury, health fitness where it is used in robotic surgery, sports where it is used in football game, entertainment where it is used in interactive exhibitions and theaters and in education fields where it is used for teaching and learning purpose has already been discovered. This paper will highlight an entirely different dimension in which Virtual Realty can be used. This paper presents the revolutionary concept of Virtual Reality cycling on a stationary bike in gymnasium which gives a mesmerizing experience of virtual world that does not physically exist. The need of this product is to provide a fascinating environment to the exercisers and physiotherapy patients for their relaxation Regular exercising poses number of benefits in terms of health and fitness [1]. While the exercises in gyms these days are too generic, , our invention gives diverse vivid conditions for clients to get the best cycling experience than at any time in recent memory. Individuals who need to keep up their wellness in the most astounding way while getting a charge out of themselves, this item is intended for them. It gives totally new degree of human-PC connection [2].


virtual reality; virtual environment; immersive; cycling; exercise; head mounted display; human-computer inter- action