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Scientific Innovations and Advanced Technologies in a Multicultural Environment during Distance Learning


Zorina Ohrimenko, Valentyna Berezan, Tet?ana Molnar3, Inna Dovzhynets, Hennadii Holiaka


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 588-594


The article analyzes the concepts of ?innovative educational processes?, ?distance education? and ?distance learning?. It is determined that distance learning provides wide access to the world's best educational resources and significantly increases the opportunities for traditional education by creating an educational information environment. In this paper, we offer an overview of scientific innovations and advanced technologies in a multicultural environment during distance learning. Theoretical bases of scientific innovations during distance learning are considered. The peculiarities of distance learning have been studied, which is giving everyone the opportunity to independently obtain the necessary knowledge, using developed information resources, thanks to modern information technology. Distance learning involves the use of online tools and platforms. Highlights of advanced technologies in a multicultural environment during the distance learning period are different web resources depending on the purpose and available technical capabilities, in particular: the Moodle platform, Google Classroom, Google Meet Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Organizational and technological models of distance education and basic elements of distance learning are identified, namely distance courses, web pages and sites, forums and blogs, chat and ICQ, video conferencing and virtual classrooms.


Innovations. Scientific innovations. Distance education. Distance learning. Educational process.