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Simulation and Implementation Prototype of Digital Video Broadcasting by Software Defined


Nabiha Ben Abid and Chokri Souani


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 565-574


This research tries to answer the problem of interconnecting several vehicles in real time with the lowest cost. This led to exploit existing technologies. Currently, the field of wireless communications has undergone great evolution. Thus, major challenges however need to be addressed to offer a secure and reliable exchange. Therefore, the paradigm of software-defined radio or ""Software Defined Radio (SDR)"" emerged, the goal of which is to transport the constraints of signals (RF) from the analogue world to the digital world configured by software in clearer and simpler difficulties to manage. This approach in the vision of the problem has led to study the possibility of realizing a wireless communication prototype based on a software radio solution aiming to transmit audio visual data between the concerned elements, in an efficient and effective manner and at low cost. In this case, it is necessary to analyse and study the performance of the system as a function of quality service parameters (QoS) such as constellation plot, bit error rate (BER) and spectral density of power using BPSK and QPSK modulation techniques in the GNU radio environment. With a view to the realization of this project, our mission has been successfully performed which involve sending a video from a source to a destination via an SDR transmitter / receiver based on GMSK modulation on an open platform source called GNU Radio and Universal Software Radio Peripheral


SDR, GMSK, Streaming video, H.264, BER, Modulation, GNU Radio