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The Adoption of Mobile Learning among University Students


Ashraf Ali, Raja Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan, Abdulrahman Akhund Al-Awadhi


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 531-538


The purpose of this study is to evaluate learners' perceptions of using mobile devices for learning during COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia, with a particular focus on university students. Several educational institutions have set policies and procedures to adopt an e-learning environment by employing various potential methods for a smooth transition from classroom to online instruction to avoid disturbing the teaching and learning process. This study was conducted by implementing a survey method on 116 students to determine learners' perceptions of adopting mobile phones as a type of education. This survey found that the majority of university students have a favorable attitude toward m - learning. This study established that m-learning is exceptionally beneficial for remedying study gaps during this COVID-19 pandemic period. The findings will assist education decision-makers and educational establishments in incorporating m - learning technology throughout the system, in which social media could indeed significantly improve the teaching-learning activities. The results also suggest that M - learning may support learners in filling in study gaps during the COVID-19 disease outbreak timespan.


M-Learning, Adoption, Perception, Learning