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The Usage of Automated Information Systems for Database Management in General Secondary Education Institutions of Ukraine


Tetiana Kravchynska, Oksana Dubinina, Krystyna Chałas, Tetiana Burlaenko, Anna Tymoshko, Olena Sholokh, Alla Vinichenko


Vol. 22  No. 5  pp. 497-506


The article presents the results of research obtained in general secondary education institutions (hereinafter ? GSEI) of Ukraine. Processes of creation, receipt, processing and submission of information to the end consumer are substantiated and practically verified, namely, the system of information quality assurance of education quality management in the general secondary education institutions is methodologically substantiated. Presented results of a survey of 360 respondents, namely: regarding sources of internal information development in general secondary education institutions; on forms of accounting and storage of external information in general secondary education institutions; study of methods and means of processing external management information; study of forms of management decisions developed on the base of external socio-pedagogical information; understanding of the essence of the concept of “information support of quality management of education in general secondary education institutions” by heads of general secondary education institutions. Also, in accordance with current events around the world (COVID-19 pandemic), we conducted an additional survey (88 students) and added the results of a survey of respondents to identify problems with the quality of information support of the educational process in general secondary education.


information processes, automated control system, quality of education, management information support.