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Information Technologies in Education: Current Realities and Development Trends


Starko Volodymyr, Azhnov Vitalii, Dzhevaha Hryhorii, Hurbanska Antonina, and Mykhaliuk Alla


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 547-552


Objective: educational process in the XXI century is impossible without the proper knowledge of information and communication and digital technologies. Educational institutions of different levels of accreditation should become a reliable guide to obtain the necessary skills, the development of information literacy to create future competitive specialists not only for the labor market in Ukraine but also internationally. Methods: the following research methods were used to achieve the goals: analysis of theoretical materials; empirical analysis. Results: the article is devoted to the study of the role of information technology in the educational process, the current state of Ukrainian education. The processes of informatization of educational space in Ukraine as an integral part of the requirements of the information society of the third millennium are considered. Emphasis was placed on the study of the international experience of different countries in this direction. Ways in which foreign countries transform education to improve its quality have been analyzed. The basic tasks of deepening informatization, problems, and prospects of development in the national educational system and foreign study are highlighted. The results of studies of the level of knowledge of information technologies by students of Ukrainian educational institutions by international and domestic programs are described. The need for a conceptual approach to the organization of the educational process in Ukraine, taking into account the experience of European countries is emphasized. Scientific novelty: the main newest introductions to improve the informatization of Ukrainian educational institutions were noted. Conclusions: active use of information technologies in the educational process contributes to the effective formation of skills and abilities of Ukrainian and world educational institutions.


Information technology, digital technology, computerization, education, educational process