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Text Mining in Online Social Networks: A Systematic Review


Huda N Alhazmi


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 396-404


Online social networks contain a large amount of data that can be converted into valuable and insightful information. Text mining approaches allow exploring large-scale data efficiently. Therefore, this study reviews the recent literature on text mining in online social networks in a way that produces valid and valuable knowledge for further research. The review identifies text mining techniques used in social networking, the data used, tools, and the challenges. Research questions were formulated, then search strategy and selection criteria were defined, followed by the analysis of each paper to extract the data relevant to the research questions. The result shows that the most social media platforms used as a source of the data are Twitter and Facebook. The most common text mining technique were sentiment analysis and topic modeling. Classification and clustering were the most common approaches applied by the studies. The challenges include the need for processing with huge volumes of data, the noise, and the dynamic of the data. The study explores the recent development in text mining approaches in social networking by providing state and general view of work done in this research area.


Online social networks; text mining; sentiment analysis; topic modeling; NLP; clustering; classification.