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Supervisory control for Energy Management of Islanded Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid


Henda Ben Mansour ,Lotfi Chaarabi, Khaled Jelassi, Josep M. Guerrero


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 355-363


This paper presents the modeling for islanded hybrid AC/DC microgrid and the verification of the proposed supervisory controller for energy management for this microgrid. The supervisory controller allows the microgrid system to operate in different power flows through the proposed control algorithm, it has several roles in the management of the energy flow between the different components of the microgrid for reliable operation. The proposed microgrid has both essential objectives such as the maximum use of renewable energies resources and the reduction of multiple conversion processes in an individual AC or DC microgrids. The microgrid system considered for this study has a solar photovoltaic (PV), a wind turbine (WT), a battery (BT), and a AC/DC loads. A small islanded hybrid AC/DC microgrid has been modeled and simulated using the MATLAB-Simulink. The simulation results show that the system can maintain stable operation under the proposed supervisory controller when the microgrid is switched from one operating mode of energy flow to another.


Islanded Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid; Supervisory Controller; Energy Management System; Photovoltaic array; Wind Turbine; Battery. .