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Novel Two-Level Randomized Sector-based Routing to Maintain Source Location Privacy in WSN for IoT


A. Jainulabudeen, M. Mohamed Surputheen


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 285-291


WSN is the major component for information transfer in IoT environments. Source Location Privacy (SLP) has attracted attention in WSN environments. Effective SLP can avoid adversaries to backtrack and capture source nodes. This work presents a Two-Level Randomized Sector-based Routing (TLRSR) model to ensure SLP in wireless environments. Sector creation is the initial process, where the nodes in the network are grouped into defined sectors. The first level routing process identifies sector-based route to the destination node, which is performed by Ant Colony Optimization (ACO). The second level performs route extraction, which identifies the actual nodes for transmission. The route extraction is randomized and is performed using Simulated Annealing. This process is distributed between the nodes, hence ensures even charge depletion across the network. Randomized node selection process ensures SLP and also avoids depletion of certain specific nodes, resulting in increased network lifetime. Experiments and comparisons indicate faster route detection and optimal paths by the TLRSR model.


RandomizedRouting; WSN; IoT; ACO; Simulated Annealing