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Communicative Model of Educational Transformations in the Realities of (Post) Modernity


Oksana Opanasyk, Yana Popova2, Ihor Matiiv, Yuliia Radenko, Hanna Mozharovska


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 245-251


In the context of the pandemic, educational institutions had to ensure an instant transition to remote technological models of communication within the new conditions of the educational environment. The purpose of the academic paper lies in determining the role of the communicative model of educational transformations in the realities of (post) modernity. The research methodology is based on a survey of 120 students from 10 higher educational institutions (HEIs) of Ukraine through an online form regarding the importance of live communication during a pandemic. Results. The communicative model changed significantly during the pandemic - the interaction was mainly due to technologies. The research has identified four communication models of educational transformations under the conditions of the pandemic, depending on learning models. The first traditional model of distance learning involves distance learning; the second model involves contact remote training using remote educational technologies; the third model is blended learning, which combines remote and traditional learning formats, synchronous and asynchronous modes of interaction; the fourth model is traditional contact training. The empirical study of the effectiveness of communication models proves that live communication remains extremely important for learning and understanding of educational materials by students, and technology has provided support for such communication. Along with this, seminars and video lectures with presentations combining live communication and communication technologies are as important as digital learning tools. The most effective teaching method for mastering and memorizing educational material was a live dialogue with a teacher at seminars in ZOOM, followed by individual written assignments on the studied topic.


communicative model, educational transformations, education under the conditions of the pandemic, training models, communication.