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Mainstreaming of Students with Intellectual Disability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Special Education Teachers' Perceptions


Nizar H. Bagadood and Mona F. Sulaimani


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 183-188


Educators have been making strides in the research into and practices supporting the policy of mainstreaming students with disability. A move towards including students with intellectual disability in community schools with all the other students can be seen in many countries’ education systems, including that of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The ‘rights of the child’ has been the main argument put forward by advocates of this policy in an attempt to move from the medical to the social model. This study argues that, although mainstreaming can be viewed as a positive trend toward effective education, its implementation remains somewhat problematic. It is believed that more investigative research into professionals’ attitudes is needed to improve service provision and inform the administration of mainstreaming practices. The attitudes of special education teachers on the policy of mainstreaming are examined and emerging key themes discussed. Furthermore, challenges that continue to inhibit mainstreaming practices in Saudi Arabia are identified.


intellectual disability; Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; mainstreaming; special educational needs; teachers’ attitudes