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Applications of 5G and 6G in Smart Health Services


Fatimah Al-Jawad, Raghad Alessa, Sukainah Alhammad, Batoola Ali, Majd Al-Qanbar and Atta-ur-Rahman


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 173-182


Healthcare organizations are overwhelmingly embracing smart value-based care strategies, which focuses on providing superior treatment at a significantly lower cost and quality of service (QoS). For these purposes, fifth generation (5G) of mobile service provides an innumerable improvement that clearly outperforms previous generations e.g., 3G and 4G. However, as with most advancements, 5G is projected to introduce new challenges, prompting the community to think about what comes next. This research was conducted to examine the most recent smart 5G technology applications and the solutions they provide to the healthcare industry. Finally, the paper discusses how the upcoming 6G technology has the potential to transform the future of healthcare sector even beyond the current 5G systems.


5G, 6G, healthcare services, robotic surgery, Telesurgery, Tactile Internet, Mobile Health, M-health, eHealth, MEC Networks, 5G-Csys.