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Effect of Brand Personality on the Intention to Send a Job Application


Khemissi Farid, Chebbi Taha


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 147-154


Actually, brand personality is more and more important in marketing field. Considering the employee as consumer this paper will study the effect of employee brand personality on the intention to send a job application. In this research we tried to make the difference by following the qualitative methodology. we did ten interviews with IT engineering student in terminal classes and after thematique analysis tow thems emerged in relation with the brand personality factors which are sincerity and excitement. people are attracted by firms inspiring confidence and sincerity an exciting environment this is an important finding for firms who want to attract talented people. however, it important for enterprises in the IT filed to focus all their communication actions on the sincerity and excitement


Brand personality, Effect of brand, intention, intention to send a job