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Multimedia Technologies in Modern Educational Practices: Audiovisual Context


Mykola Mozhenko, Andrii Donchyk, Anton Yushchenko, Denys Suchkov, Roman Yelenskyi


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 141-146


In modern educational practices, the issue of dependence on the experience of using multimedia by students and the adoption of technologies in education, the perception of their benefits and effectiveness in blended learning is little covered. The purpose of the academic paper lies in assessing the audiovisual context of multimedia technologies, its acceptance by students in practice on the example of using video lectures in blended learning. The methodology is based on an online survey of 120 students of Ukrainian universities who have assessed the experience level in using video lectures, as well as the constructs as follows: Technology Characteristics, Fit, Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Attitude, Intention to Use, Actual Use. The results show that the majority of students use video lectures to a certain extent in their training (20,8% have used technology to a certain extent, 49,2% have often used technology in training, 20% are regular users of technology). It has been revealed that most students agree with the relevance of video lectures, the accuracy of lectures, the brevity of lectures, the clarity of lectures, as well as the high quality of lecture videos. It has been estimated that 42,5% believe that lecture videos are an effective tool towards supporting students in hybrid learning. 26,7% of students consider video lectures to be appropriate technologies for online / hybrid courses. In general, 37,5% of respondents find video lectures useful; however, 35,0% do not agree with this statement. 83,3% of students have rated the high level of ease of access to video. In total, 95% of students find lecture videos easy to use. In general, positive attitude of students to video lectures has been revealed.


Multimedia technologies, audiovisual context, blended learning, hybrid learning, acceptance of technology in education.