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Vehicles Auto Collision Detection & Avoidance Protocol


Dr. Mubarak Almutairi, Dr. Kashif Muneer, Dr.AqeelUrRehman


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 107-112


The automotive industry is motivated to provide more and more amenities to its customers. The industry is taking advantage of artificial intelligence by increasing different sensors and gadgets in vehicles machoism is forward collision warning, at the same time road accidents are also increasing which is another concern to address. So there is an urgent need to provide an A.I based system to avoid such incidents which can be address by using artificial intelligence and global positioning system. Automotive/ smart vehicles protection has become a major study of research for customers, government and also automotive industry engineers In this study a two layered novel hypothetical approach is proposed which include in-time vehicle/obstacle detection with auto warning mechanism for collision detection & avoidance and later in a case of an accident manifestation GPS & video camera based alerts system and interrupt generation to nearby ambulance or rescue-services units for in-time driver rescue.


A.I: Artificial Intelligence, GPS: Global Positioning System, FCW: Forward Collision Waring