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Teaching Assistants as a Prerequisite for Best Practice in Special Education Settings in Saudi Arabia


Nizar H. Bagadood and Budor H. Saigh


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 101-106


The Saudi Arabian Special Education Regulations define the role and requirements from teaching assistants within the educational process. Although all public special education programs are subject to such regulations, their implementation in practice sometimes appears contradictory. Therefore, special educators frequently encounter a range of problems when they fail to comply with such regulations. This article discusses how teaching assistants influence the teaching practices delivered to students with disabilities in special education settings. A qualitative case study approach was conducted using 22 semi-structured interviews. The results suggest a need to focus on the role of the teaching assistant in special education classes to ensure exposure to effective learning practices for students with disabilities. Based on these findings, a number of important implications for future practice, in terms adopting appropriate provisions are suggested.


disabilities, Saudi Arabia, special schools; teaching assistants