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An Enhanced Neural Network Approach for Numeral Recognition


Anita Venugopal, Ashraf Ali


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 61-66


Object classification is one of the main fields in neural networks and has attracted the interest of many researchers. Although there have been vast advancements in this area, still there are many challenges that are faced even in the current era due to its inefficiency in handling large data, linguistic and dimensional complexities. Powerful hardware and software approaches in Neural Networks such as Deep Neural Networks present efficient mechanisms and contribute a lot to the field of object recognition as well as to handle time series classification. Due to the high rate of accuracy in terms of prediction rate, a neural network is often preferred in applications that require identification, segmentation, and detection based on features. Neural networks self-learning ability has revolutionized computing power and has its application in numerous fields such as powering unmanned self-driving vehicles, speech recognition, etc. In this paper, the experiment is conducted to implement a neural approach to identify numbers in different formats without human intervention. Measures are taken to improve the efficiency of the machines to classify and identify numbers. Experimental results show the importance of having training sets to achieve better recognition accuracy.


OCR, Classification, Neural Network, Learning Rate, Recognition