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The Main Problems of Forming Soft Skills in the Future Career of a Student in a Pandemic


Oksana Zhukova, Volodymyr Mandragelia, Liudmila Veselska , Andrii Yermolenko, Svitlana Dotsenko


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 23-28


The purpose of the article is to analyze students' self-assessment of the level of soft skills development and the prospects for its improvement in a pandemic. For an adequate and objective study of the stated issues, comparative analysis was most often used. For this purpose, theoretical studies of national and foreign experts were analyzed, which included specific sociological surveys. Prospects for further work are assumed in a detailed study of the factors, conditions and mechanisms for the formation and development of soft skills in students of natural, engineering and technological, medical, social and humanitarian specialties.


Soft skills, career, skills, learn, online.