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Formation of Anti-Corruption Consciousness of Citizens as a Direction of Interaction of Public Authorities and Institutions of Civil Society


Yurii Shpak, Ivan Bandura, Roman Primush, Varvara Dokalenko, Vahif Abdullayev


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 17-22


This article defines the process of formation of anti-corruption consciousness as one of the areas of interaction between public authorities and civil society institutions. It is concluded that the implementation of the state anti-corruption policy in Ukraine may be more promising if the institutions of civil society are actively involved. The degree of citizen engagement can be increased by increasing social trust, as well as by increasing the level of political and legal education and culture. Particular attention should be paid to the organization of public control and monitoring of the activities of public authorities, impartial coverage of information on the fight against corruption in the media, as well as the joint conduct of an information and educational campaign and the promotion of the formation of anti-corruption consciousness among a large number of citizens.


public authorities, civil society institutions, mass media, public associations, anti-corruption policy.