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Ecological and Economic Aspects of Innovative Development of Urban Logistics Infrastructure Taking Considering Pandemic Constraints


Svitlana Rusanova, Olexiy Kuzkin, Hryhorii Melkonov, Yuliana Lavrushchenko, Oksana Kuzmenko, Viktoriia Zhurian


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 9-16


The relevance of the topic is determined by the existence of inconsistencies between economic and environmental aspects of innovative development of urban logistics infrastructure, as well as the conflict of public, state and private commercial interests in this issue. The purpose of the article is to determine the principles and effective tools for innovative development of urban logistics infrastructure, taking into account pandemic constraints. The influence of the environmental aspect on the dynamics of transport flows was analyzed in detail and characterized, the scheme of determining the optimal solution for the development of the city was proposed considering the compromise between economic and ecological interests of society, state and business entities. A scheme of innovative development of urban logistics infrastructure under pandemic constraints was also developed. Materials of the article are relevant for developers of city plans, managers of urban logistics infrastructure, employees of enterprises participating in transport and logistics markets, scientists, and doctoral students.


ecology, innovative development, urban logistics infrastructure, sustainable development, pandemic constraints