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Markov Chain based Packet Scheduling in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks


Wahida Ali Mansouri, Salwa Hamda Othman, and Somia Asklany


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 1-8


Supporting real-time flows with delay and throughput constraints is an important challenge for future wireless networks. In this paper, we develop an optimal scheduling scheme to optimally choose the packets to transmit. The optimal transmission strategy is based on an observable Markov decision process. The novelty of the work focuses on a priority-based probabilistic packet scheduling strategy for efficient packet transmission. This helps in providing guaranteed services to real time traffic in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. The proposed scheduling mechanism is able to optimize the desired performance. The proposed scheduler improves the overall end-to-end delay, decreases the packet loss ratio, and reduces blocking probability even in the case of congested network.


optimization, Markov chain, scheduling, real time traffic, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks