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Domain-Driven Microservice Architecturefor Designing Modern Applications


Fawaz Alsolami


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 152-159


For the last several years, information technology (IT) industry uses monolithic architecture in their solutions, but it has several limitations in meeting the demands of modern businesses of the digital world such as high coupling, difficulty in scaling of the application, adding newer technologies to the application, etc. To address the requirement of the modern business need of the digital world, the IT industry is looking to an improved architecting methodology which can be easy to scale and is reliable too. Microservices are unique techniques for designing and architecting software systems that have recently gained its popularity in the software industries as it addresses modern business demands of the digital world. The Microservice Architecture divides a system into small and independent modules, each responsible for performing a specific functionality. It emphasizes scalability, independence and the cohesiveness of each of its components. In this paper, the domain-driven design process is put in place to keep the technical stuff at such a level that everyone involved understands the model, including the customer who, in many cases, does not know much about software development. This paper intended to discuss this new trend in software architecture, its adaptation process, striking characteristics and how it is different from monolith architecture. Further, a case study was conducted to explore domain-driven microservice development and deployment by applying separation of concern to specific boundaries within microservices as suggested by domain-driven design.


Microservices, Domain Driven design, Microservice Architecture, Distributed Software Architecture, service-oriented architecture.