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Finding the bezier curve of face based on YCbCr color space and features extraction


Dr. Adil Abbas Majeed, Suhiar Mohammed Zeki,


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 125-131


The face contains a lot of various details and positions of strength, for which outstanding characteristics can be found that reach more than (50) locations in it and benefit from them in the process of discrimination and classification of persons and thus can be used in various life fields such as banking, legal, justice, security, medical, and others.In our research, we relied on image compounds (YCbCr) to separate the face from the rest of the image's components due to its effectiveness in this field, as well as dividing the image into four blocks then dividing each block into a number of blocks of equal dimensions (8?8) and finding the (mean, standard deviation and energy) for each block and was given For each attribute of a specific weight, then the position of the top four blocks of these attributes is determined and made the control points upon which it draws to draw a bezier curve shape to be adopted in the processes of distinguishing and classification of persons. Experiments were conducted on a database consisting of (400) images representing (40) people and each of them (10) Pictures.


Bezier curve, Facedetection, Energy feature, Mean, standard deviation, Feature extraction, Enhancement, segmentation, edge detection, thresholding.