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Improving Scrum Model Using Inclusion Information Security Practices through Information Security Master and Backlog Framework


Shafiq Hussain, Umar Draz, Sana Yasin, Aisha Tahseen, Zunain Ahmad, Haroon Mahmood, Zaid Bin Faheem, Shahid Sani


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 99-111


Nowadays, all organizations are faced difficulties for development of secure software. Agile method considered best approach to develop software within given time constraints. There is always a research gap related to software failure and software security concerns. Therefore, from review the existing study, we found a security gap in scrum framework and extend the scrum model by inclusions information security practices that can improve scrum model to resolve security issues. In this paper, we make a new addition of information security practices by adding the Information Security (IS) backlog and IS master in existing scrum framework in order to capture security requirement more smoothly. For checking validity via conducting empirical study from professional to get their expert opinions about security practice of scrum model. These results show that there was need of information security owner role that have a sound knowledge and expertise in order to facilitate in better way. At the end, critical discussion plays our role.


Scrum agile development information security, backlog master software development.