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A Prototype Wireless Underwater Robot Control system using a 32 kHz Bandwidth Underwater Small Area Acoustic Network (USAAN)


Shiho Oshiro Yuta Sakuma, Ryuki Chibana, Atsushi Kinjo, Yusuke Onna, Suguru Kuniyoshi, Rie Saotome, Hajime Toma, Fumiaki Takemura, Taisaku Suzuki, Tomohisa Wada


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 91-98


This paper proposes an underwater small area acoustic network (USAAN) system with a 32kHz bandwidth OFDM signal and robust TDD synchronization. An ocean experiment was conducted at a barge in Uchiura Bay, Shizuoka Prefecture. Although the transducer on the BS side is moving, a stable signal delay time from DL to UL was measured, and the demodulated 16QAM constellation was confirmed normally on the UE side. Using this TDD-USAAN and the results of ocean experiments, we developed a prototype of a wireless underwater robot control system. The prototype was actually tested offshore off the coast of Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture. In QPSK / 16QAM modulation, basic robot movement control such as upward, downward, right turn, left turn, etc. has been demonstrated by a bidirectional link. In addition, 240x213 pixel underwater photos can be uploaded in real time.


Underwater, Acoustic Communication, Networking, OFDM, MAC, TDD