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Construction and Operation Method of Remote Class Environment by “Ready-Made Computing”


Kazuya Murata and Takayuki Fujimoto,


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 65-71


In recent years, “remote class” in the field of education has been receiving a great deal of attention as a method of delivering education. n Japan, however, remote classes are far from being common. Most of the universities in Japan are regular universities, and very few are online schools. One reason for this response is the cost. Top universities of the world may be able to use their ample funds to introduce an educational environment for remote classes to deliver to their students. Japanese educational institutions, on the other hand, cannot afford to create an environment for distance learning due to limited budget. In short, remote teaching is not yet common in Japan, no matter whether it is an emergency situation or not. Based on the above, we believe that the remote class environment most suitable for distant education in Japan is one that is highly versatile for both regular and emergency uses and that can be constructed at low cost. Here we propose a method to build, by combining mass-produced equipment and free video calling software, an environment where anyone can deliver remote classes if network is available. This method is defined as “Ready-Made Computing” in this research. “Ready-made Computing” in this research is defined as a method by which mass-produced products are combined to build services or systems with the same level of performance as existing business services or systems. In addition, this project studies adaptation of this method for the use in the field of education. In this study, we call the ready-made computing that caters to the field of education “ready-made computing for education”. In this study, we call the ready-made computing that caters to the field of education “ready-made computing for education”. As the first step, the purpose of this research is to construct a remote class environment using the idea of ready-made computing. In this paper, we study the construction method of a correspondence class environment with A and describe an example of its operation.


Ready-Made Computing, Remote Class, Remote Class Environment, Video Calling Software,