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Estimating Virtual Trust of Cognitive Social Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Networks empowered with Hierarchal Socio Fuzzy Inference System


Ayesha Tariq, Shahan Yamin Siddiquil, Gulnaz Safdar, Syeda Fareeha Batool Nasir, Muhammad Rehan Saleem, Waqas Ali, Bilal Shoaib, Muhammad Adnan Khan


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 48-64


These days, Mobile Ad-hoc Network categorizes (MANET) are increasingly defenseless against different kinds of assaults because of shaky correspondence medium and framework less condition. Societal network for multi Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet) and Homogeneous Networks (HomNet) can support practically and pragmatically grounded considerate of the activities as well as the network’s role in the system. A node may share and store information of its own HomNet or HetNet to another network environment. To implement a secure network setup for communication, in harmony with demanded information is important to select a suitable receiver. In this type of situation cognitive sensations such as trust plays a dynamic part. This paper represents a trust-based hierarchal socio fuzzy inference by combining social association to examine cognitive nodes for their parts as being persuasive, dependable, and credible. The proposed model adopts the MATLAB simulation the inputs and optimizing results show concurrency to the calculated values according to the Mamdani fuzzy inference system.


HetNet, HomNet, Trust, Cognitive nodes, malicious activity, Socio FIS.