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MOALO Algorithm applied to Dynamic Economic Environmental Dispatch including renewable energy


Chefai Dhifaoui , Ismail Marouani and Hsan Hadj Abdallah


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 36-47


The purpose in this present work, consists to use the multi-objective ant lion optimizer (MOALO) algorithm to solve dynamic economic environmental dispatch problems with and without ramp rate. The proposed method repository in first used to search for optimal solutions of the generated powers and then calculate the cost, emission functions. The dynamic problem of economic distribution (CDEED) is a major problem in power systems. This consists of a valve point effect, transmission losses, a load, a power balance and generator constraints. The proposed method was applied to 5-units test systems with different constraints. The results are compared with those of the literature. All simulations are performed on the MATLAB-Simulink platform.


Dynamic economic emission dispatch problem ramp rate solar power wind power MOALO power systems transmission losses valve point effect.