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Analysis of Ransomware on Windows platform


Adel Hamdan Mohammad


Vol. 20  No. 6  pp. 21-27


Ransomware is a very serious problem which all organization and individual may face. No doubt that ransomware cost individual an organization billions of dollars. A lot of researchers talk about ransomware and its effect. The number of researches that talk about ransomware still needs more investigation. In this research, the author analyzes the impact of ransomware only on windows platforms. The author select windows platform since windows is widely spread and used. Analyzing of ransomware is done based on analyzing the behavior of selected ransomware families. The author monitors the behavior of ransomware and which files are created during the infection process. The author also demonstrates the encryption techniques used by ransomware families. Finally, the author notes that protecting Windows operating system is highly possible by monitoring system files and registry entry.


Ransomware, encryption, ransomware behavior.